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Whip Your Skin Into Shape for Winter

Smooth, creamy, whipped decadence.

Whipped Body Butter

As we all know, the cold weather is already here and winter is well on its’ way here in Ontario, Canada. Why not get your skin whipped into shape for winter? Winter weather can most certainly wreak havoc on your skin, particularly if your skin is not properly maintained or protected daily. Over time, skin can quickly show the effects of weather damage. Here’s a lovely and simple recipe for a homemade body butter that I made right at home in my kitchen.  It is a decadent whipped body butter that your skin is probably thirsting for. It is not, however, recommended for the face, since it does contain cocoa butter which is comedogenic to the skin. This means it will clog your pores and likely will cause a breakout. But your body will love it and I recommend applying it to skin that is still damp from a bath or shower. Your skin will be silky smooth and have a protective barrier thanks to the butters.

Let’s get started. You’ll need these:


  1. 3/4 cup Shea Butter (Unrefined and organic, if possible) get it here
  2. 1/4 cup Cocoa Butter
  3. 1/2 cup Coconut Oil (or any liquid oil, such as Olive, Sweet Almond, etc.)
  4. 1/4 tsp Vanilla Extract (optional)
  5. 1/2 oz Fragrance (optional)
  6. 1/4 tsp Cornstarch


  1. Double Boiler (or melt butters/oils in a heatsafe bowl in microwave)
  2. Two bowls for mixing, one small & one large (glass or stainless steel if possible)
  3. Handheld or Stand Mixer
  4. Spoon (or Piping bag with decorating tip) I used a Wilton#12 tip
  5. A old yogurt container to hold the piping bag
  6. Clean, sterilized jar to store your product/products

Now, the suggested ratio for solid butters to oil is about 75% solid butters to 25% oils. So we’ll start by melting down our butters and coconut oil. Place your weighed out butters into the top pot. In your double boiler (or heatsafe container if you’re melting the butters via the microwave), gently heat the water.  Don’t allow the water to boil since the spitting water could be dangerous and we don’t want this getting into our melting butters or oil.

Double boiler.

Once your butters have melted down, you can add any oils and fragrance to it now. I would suggest you add any fragrance to the liquid oils, then add this to the cooling butter. The vanilla extract is optional, I added it to help boost fragrance. Since the coconut oil is solid like the butters, I didn’t add any other liquid oils to this particular recipe. Make sure to stir often to incorporate everything together.

Pour everything into your small bowl that is sitting in the icebath of the larger bowl. Alternatively, you could use a stand mixer and place everything in that stainless steel mixing bowl. I do prefer to use my KitchenAid®  stand mixer.

Now add fragrance along with vanilla extract. Mix well. An important thing to note. If you’re going to add water of any sort, your product will need a preservative or else your it will have scary things growing in it eventually. Adding the contents of a vitamin E capsule or a drop or two of Tea Tree or Lavender essential oils will help to inhibit bacterial growth and prolong the life of the butter. For products that I’ll be selling, I omit water and include Rosemary Oleoresin (Rosemary Extract) into the liquid oils ahead of time. The Rosemary extract acts to prevent rancidity of the oils and it is also used in our cold processed, handmade vegan soaps. However, it is important to note too, that this is not a chemical preservative. So if your product contains water, you would need a professional grade preservative.

Add your cornstarch. Continue to stir well to incorporate. Cornstarch helps to cut the greasiness or  oily feel of the finished product.  You can leave it out if you prefer and if you don’t mind feeling the oils on your skin.  Allow things to cool down a bit.

Cooled butters/oil mixture with hardening edges.

In your large bowl, pour enough ice cubes to make an icebath. Your smaller bowl will sit in this. Pour the entire recipe into the small bowl. With your handheld or stand mixer, begin mixing and blending like crazy. You’ll need to whip for about 5-10mins., place in freezer for about 10 mins. to cool down faster.  Remove from freezer and whip for another few minutes until it begins to get thick as in photo below.

Thickening butter mixture.

Whipping the butter and oil mixture to thicken.

The photo above shows how the air being whipped into the butter is beginning to create a beautiful fluffy, body butter.  Continue this process, alternating between the freezer and whipping the butter, until you are satisfied with the texture.  This could take up to an hour or more, so be patient! It’s well worth the wait. It should look like a meringue or whipped cream topping.

Whipped texture.

Finished product mixed by handheld mixer.

Finished whipped butter texture.

Finished product in stand mixer.

As you can see there’s very little difference in the final result for the handheld mixer and the stand mixer. I tend to prefer the stand mixer’s results though. Either way, you still end up with a beautiful whipped body butter. Also, your butter will have doubled or even tripled in volume! How great is that?

Now it’s time to package your finished product.

Piping bag for product.

Wilton #12 decorating tip placed into cut out disposable piping/decorating bag.

Piping bag ready for filling with whipped body butter.

Then begin to spoon your product into the piping bag, or if you prefer you can spoon it right into your product packaging jar/jars. Place the piping bag into your old but clean, yogurt container. You’ll want to fill it up pretty well.

Filled piping bag ready to fill containers with product.

Please make sure you clean and sterilize your container/s!!

Alcohol for sterilizing.

Rubbing alcohol for sterilizing your containers.

Spritzing the inside of your clean jars with rubbing alcohol.

Now you’re ready to place the butter into the jars.

Whipped Body Butter product ready to be spooned into jars for use.

Finished product piped into packaging container.

The more times you make this, the better you’ll get at it and the more addicted you’ll become to it. Your skin will soak it right in. Don’t forget to label your product with the ingredients listed from the highest amount to smallest amount of amounts. Feel free to make the labels as pretty, or simple as you’d like.  Your butter should last at least six months minimum, to one year. The texture does remain whipped and fluffy.

                                            Finished, decadent Whipped Body Butter souffle.

Indulge and enjoy!



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